Become an Affiliate

Expand your network, reach new members, organize events and connect with ZPI affiliate leaders around the world.

Choose among being a:


Focus Affiliate - coalescing around particular topic (i.e. Refugees, Climate Change)

Regional Affiliate - centering around a serving the members in a specific geographic region (i.e. Berlin, Germany)

Training Affiliate - affiliating your center providing trainings or special services

Bearing Witness Retreat - centering around a one-of-a-kind bearing witness retreat


A ZPI affiliate will have :

  1. Dedicated online forum;
  2. Dedicated photo folder;
  3. Capacity to post events visible to entire ZPI global membership;
  4. ZPI platform membership is donation-based;
  5. Individual members of affiliate will have access to other members around the world.

As ZPI Affiliate Leader you will:

  1. Send messages to your members of your group directly from the Hive;
  2. Invite members from within the global network to join your affiliate;
  3. Invite non-ZPI members to join your affiliate;
  4. Participate (or a representative of your choice) in quarterly online meetings with other global affiliate leaders;
  5. Create and share events to your affiliate ZPI members;
  6. Create and events open to all ZPI members;
  7. Publish articles/reports from your actions on the Zen Peacemakers Blog;
  8. Benefit from ZPI's vast social-media outreach;
  9. Attract new members to your own group, grow your following and grow participation in your existing events.


Note about Name of Affiliate: We encourage an affiliate to use a distnict name that does not include 'Zen Peacemakers' and to proudly and visibly state (on outreach, media etc.) that the affiliate and its actions 'are conducted in the spirit of the Zen Peacemakers Three Tenets: Not-Knowing, Bearing Witness and Taking Action'. This way the affiliation is clear while contributing to the affiliate's self-empowerment and self-governance.


For more information and to apply, please